RSL - SHRTGN MILITARY 21700 Mechanical Mod

RSL - SHRTGN MILITARY 21700 Mechanical Mod


Introducing the SHRTGN Military Mechanical Mod by RSL. Designed and built in Russia.

RSL is the European division of Russian Custom Mods brought to the UK exclusively via Vaperizzo. The SHRTGN is the first RSL mod to hit UK shores. It’s small and compact but packs a mighty punch that will rival any mech mod on the market. Constant contact with the battery prevents arching (black spots) and ensures an even press of the button every time. It’s 27mm diameter means it will work with almost any atomiser in your collection with no overhang.

Height: 85-90mm (battery dependent)
Diameter: 27mm
Material: Brass
Battery Type: 18650, 20700 or 21700

Hybrid Connection
Rapid triple-start thread
Constant contact with battery
Adjustment for any length of pin atomiser
Throw adjustment via button
Centre thread battery entry system
Ring Adapter for 20700/21700 batteries

Note: This product is designed for advanced users only. Vaperizzo will not be held responsible for damage to persons or property due to improper use.

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